Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread House Cookie Kit

this is the CuTEsT thing EVER!
a friend of mine calls me last week and say's "you gotta go to eighteen 25 and see the cutest thing. you should do it for masyn's cookie party!" ok. so she knew i was probably the only crazy one who would attempt it days before the party and she was right.
but seriously! how cute are these!!!
they are sugar cookie houses iced in brown and decorated like gingerbread houses! so stinkin cute AnD you can download the cute card here at bee in our bonnet.

so...shawn and i set to work to make enough for the masyn & nolan's party guests.

{these are pics of our version, you can go over to the other sites to see the original}

and yes, i did say shawn and i. we had a baking date. he was making his famous chocolate dessert for a work party and when he was done, he decided he'd {help} me.

the first thing he did was make me a cookie cutter so that i didn't have to cut out houses with my homemade template. LoVE him!

then, after attempting to flood the cookies with a bottle and a toothpick, he disappeared yet again and came back with his {the icer 3000}

see what i mean...masyn comes by it honestly!

he's not happy with the {LoOK} but come on...
it worked great! lots and lots of perfectly iced {gingerbread} houses!
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Gari said...

Kitchen creativity, you can't beat it.

A.J. Dub. said...

That is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing it. :)
Love the icer 3000 too.