Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Fabulous Find!!!

see that tree in the picture down there.
i LOVE it!!!

i have {three} of them here and there around the house and they are great!
if you, too, would like one of these head on over to michaels and bring your coupon.
they are $19.95 and when i bought them they were 50% off. {TEN} bucks!

now...for you local ladies.
i bought all that the vista store had, but, mom called this morning and said that encinitas has at least ten. so HURRY over!!!

on a different note. i have been overwhelmed with parties and holiday good stuff. it took me almost {two} weeks to get my house cleaned and decorated and it is finally looking like my holiday home should.
i will give you a tour here shortly and if you're in the area come on over it won't look like this for long ;)
hope you are all enjoying the christmas season and all the joy it brings.

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WoolenSails said...

I wonder if ours had them, wish I had seen this earlier. We went out today and i had a michaels coupon, but didn't bother to go in, dumb me.