Monday, February 28, 2011

Evyn's Birthday Banner

my talented sister got the lovely task of making evyn's birthday banner
and she did a FABULOUS job!!!
thanks suz!!! love you!

ok. here's the funny part...
i set up the hoosier with picures of evyn and an autograph mat that i did for masyn's first birthday and love it. suz and i had a specific idea about how the banner should "drape" in the entry above the hoosier. kind of in a criss cross, but not to criss crossy way if you know what i mean. i grabbed the chair and the nail gun and we went to work. but as soon as shawn saw the nail gun he had to get involved :) (love you honey!)once i hung it, he didn't like it because "you couldn't see all the pictures". long story short, we had to re-hang it like you see in the above picture to make the man happy. holy moly. we don't like it hung this way. but we conceded and moved on with the rest of the party!

( time, we can't let him see the nail gun!)

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Aunt Suz said...

Next time we will habg it when he is not around.