Sunday, February 06, 2011


hi terry! thanks for asking about the cupcakes. hope your not too disappointed with my answer.

i will start by saying that i believe in "kid tested, momma approved" meaning, if the kids {older & younger} like it, it's a go!
with that said, this is my most popular cupcake flavor and it just so happens to be super easy and quick {two of most favorite things, since, well. um. i'm kinda a last minute kinda gal}. betty is my go to gal for a quick, yummy and moist cupcake. the same goes for the buttercream frosting. it's always a hit.

now if you wanna go for the tried and true homemade cupcake, marian from sweetopia would agree {check out her amazing seashell cupcakes!} that martha's vanilla recipe is pretty darn good, as well as, her vanilla buttercream frosting.
happy baking!

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Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, those look Yummy Julie! Thanks for the tips!

Taryn Seymour said...

My favorite Cupcakes!?/:)

terry said...

Thanks so much Julie for the cupcake recipe. Your kids always look like they're in heaven with your cupcakes. Will be baking valentine day cupcakes with Betty and my grandkids. Again, thank you very much.

Terry in So. Calif.