Sunday, February 27, 2011

Decorating tips...

after scanning sheryl's home photos over and over for ideas, it finally hit me...
i'm missing greenery!
but...finding the right greenery was much harder than i expected. i did finally find topiaries at pier one, ikea and walmart (in case your lookin')
i really couldn't believe the difference one simple plant would make.
where have i been?

(before topiary)
(after topiary...again, hello.)
something that i have known for a long time is how a simple quilt can make a huge difference. my friends (who don't quilt) have no idea why i feel the need to make so many quilts, but they are far more useful than simply keeping you warm.
(before quilt and sprig of greenery)
(after quilt and greenery)
SO, lesson learned (thanks sheryl!)
if you are having a decorating dilema, add a bit of green and a quilt and you'll be amazed by the outcome!
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quiltsbycheri said...

Just beautiful, use lots of quilts, of course, in decorating also....

Gayle said...

Julie - It's amazing how much of a difference the greenery made in your displays! I'm going to give it a try too. Thanks so much for sharing the link to Sheryl's home tour - do you know her personally? Her home is beautiful!

Shasta said...

Those are great tips. Thanks. What a huge difference little things make.