Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giving Gifts

is definetly my favorite part of Christmas. if your like us, you have many friends and neighbors that you give a small gift to. most of the time i try to give a handmade or homemade gift, although, there are times when i come across an inexpensive item that is perfect for gift giving. i must admit it is, at times, difficult to come up with something that will be practical as well as pretty. the presentation is key. which brings me to the next photo.

this is the inspiration to my "presentation" this year. i hope she doesn't mind that i copied her. (it is the best form of flattery right?) anyways, i have a friend that is the most creative person i know. EVERYTHING she does is beautiful and well designed. i'm sure you have a friend like that too. the above photo was the gift she gave me. i LOVE it. but let me just say this...i'm not sure that even martha herself could've made the candle look as cute. perfect example of practical and pretty! thanks karen!

so once i had my pretty figured out, i set out to find my practical. i decided to make up a bunch of yummy banana bread and christmas trail mix (a favorite of "bob's"). i also found gingerbread lotion in gingerbread man bottles at the dollar tree that were super cute. i packaged everything up, loaded the kids in the car, turned on the christmas music and off we went, delivering gifts. it is by far one of my most favorite christmas traditions.
merry christmas.


Anonymous said...

I can not see the photos this time.

Katherine said...

I do have a friend like that.....:) Thanks for the gift!