Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Cookie Party

with friends is a great way to celebrate the holidays. when sissy was little we hosted a cookie party each year and now that the little princess is in kindergarten the tradition continues.
the party started with this story. it's a cute story of a snowman and snowwoman that come to life on christmas eve.
then we decorated cookies that went with the theme of the book. the girls were SO cute. each one added their own special touch to the cookies.

when they finished decorating their cookies, i had them decorate some for our neighbors. the girls, all decked out in the aprons i made them, took the cookies and went caroling to the neighbors. it was a nice surprise.

when the party was through, we gave them a little treat
and wished them merry christmas. i can't wait 'til next year!
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Amber said...

Oh wow, that is the cutest idea!! I wish you would've inspired me with this idea about 2 weeks ago!! I am so doing this next year for my daughter and her friends. How incredibly fun.

And where on earth did you get those adorable Santa boxes?? Do tell!

Peggy. said...

So cute!

Have a great Christmas!


Kristina said...

You are AMAZING!!!

Katherine said...

That is so cute!! You are such a fun mom.

Jen r. said...

Cute cute cute! Have avery Merry Christmas!