Monday, August 26, 2013

Day ONE & TWO - Maui!!!

Day ONE was in Maui
when you port, you port at a shipping dock. not exactly what i thought of when i thought of maui,
but oh well.
most of us didn't have excursions in maui, which meant if we wanted to go somewhere, we were footin' it.
and we did.

you can see from the lower left picture that our ship wasn't too far from a small beach
and so off we went.
shawn, shawn's sister in law, and i took all the children that you see below to this beach.

we stayed there til lunch time.
there is a buoy about a 1/4 mile out that shawn, gavin and hannah all swam to.
shawn wasn't happy that we didn't a picture.

the kids had a great time, shawn tried to relax and us girls enjoyed the sun :)

here's where i get the best parent award!!!

later that afternoon, when everyone got back on the ship, the guys and some of the older kids decided to forgo the spin class and go for a 5 mile run and then swim to the buoy i had mentioned above.

they ran and then got to the beach. all but roger went into the water.
a local walked over and asked him what they were doing.
to which he replied, "swimming out to the buoy"
"you aren't from here are you?" he said.
"nah, we are on the cruise"

here it comes...

he says, "this water is infested with sharks, they need to get out"
roger, not sure, starts to worry.
another guy comes up as this conversation is going on and tells roger that
he has lived here 7 years and will not go into this water.

now roger is flagging the guys down, yelling for them to come back to shore!

they do.

they all survived, no sharks attacked them. we hear the story when they get back. and everyone googles it.
yep. sure enough, it's like number 4 in shark attacks.
google it.

now the next day, we decide to NOT go back to the beach. we did some shopping and came back to the boat for lunch. while on the boat we can see the beach.
um yeah, and about 5 SHARKS!!!

gavin and his cousin freak out. he is not happy that i encouraged a father-son bonding swim.
he could have been bit by a shark for crying out loud!


he wasn't and it makes for a good story!

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