Thursday, August 08, 2013

A Dive-IN for Ten

hi. i'm alive!
i have been without a computer fo the last couple months working solely from my phone.

so much has gone on this summer.
masyn turned TEN! holy moly!

she planned her birthday this year and she wanted to have a dive-in.

the movie of choice was soul surfer
she wanted a concession stand
(it was too warm to put the candy out in the beginning)

we borrowed a friends popcorn maker.
so cute!

of course, cupcakes are a must!

cute fishies found on pinterest!
love pinterest!

and cute pink buckets to hold the refreshments

the girls had a shaving cream fight.
it was a must.


all cleaned up and ready for the show to start

we got tubes and fun net like chairs for the pool
but the girls were too cold and decided to watch the movie in comfort.

it was a great time and masyn did a great job planning fun stuff for everyone to do.
Hope to be back soon with more summer fun!

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