Wednesday, April 24, 2013


i'm so bad about blogging lately!
i thought about doing the quilters day journal again
but didn't pull it all together today.
maybe next week...

in the meantime...

masyn came home from school sick AGAIN!!!

i started working on marmalade. LOVE it!!!
i'm using urban cowgirl. LOVE it, too!!!

went to target.
nolan bought this lego set with his easter money.

we made this.
he calls it something i can't understand and says it's his other brother

i decided that i needed a plastic template for marmalade so i stopped doing that
and pulled out my swoon fabrics.
i really should finish something!

three blocks down, six to go.

and to finish off a good day, a friend brought over
three vintage windsor chairs and a mustard table!
LOVE them!!! thanks leticia!!!

an older lady stopped by today looking for her toy poodle.
she was crying and i felt horrible.
all i could do is pray for her.
if you are the praying kind, please say a prayer for her.

i hope you all had a great day!
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