Sunday, April 07, 2013

Get Inspired...

i've been in a pretty bad funk.
for a long while now.

do you get into funks? does it last for months?
how do you get out of them?

with everything on the blogs and on pinterest,
you'd think that one could easily be inspired but it's not so.
i've tried pinterest, i've tried the blogs, i've hung out with carrie
and yet, i'm still blah...

so with the arrival of spring
i was desperate.
i needed to brighten my spirits and my home.
but it doens't just happen.

i had to call in reinforcement.
enter jill. and jill's house. and jill's talent.

it had been awhile sence i'd been there
but within a 20 minute drive

and there my spirit was brightened and my home found color

so the whole point to this post is simple.

when the seasons come around, and your spirit is down.
search for the things that brighten your life and inspire your mind.
it may not happen with a click on pinterest
or a stroll through the blogasphere

it takes time and patience
and sometimes it takes a friend
or a place or something simple.

but look for it.
search for it.
don't give up.

and when you find it, embrace it.

i am grateful for all the friends i have that inspire me
and share their talents.

i started this blog to inspire people
thank you for stopping by.

i hope that something inspires you and that you in turn inspire someone else.

have a wonderful week.
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Ginny Worden said...

Don't you hate seasonal, even unseasonal funks,but thank goodness for friends.Glad yours was able to pull you out of yours. Please keep blogging I love your posts, they bring smiles to my face, so you are in deed an inspiration. Thanks.

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Thanks for the lovely thoughts!

quiltsbycheri said...

so very well said.....

Our Little Rock Stars said...

I love you Julie! You inspire me...and yes, I too suffer from those funks...and when I feel one coming around...I find things that make me smile and listen to Mindy Gledhill :)