Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Creative Minds at Play

i am always so impressed with the creativity that comes from children
when they are given the freedom to express themselves.

masyn especially.
i can create, but rarely do i create something all on my own.
masyn, on the other hand, is just like her dad.
she conjures up images in her head and has the pure talent to create it.

saturday, as i was leaving to run my errands, i was instructed asked to pick up
poster board for a beach...hmmm. okay.

as i was preparing for my class, the kids made their own beaches
with sand, blue tissue paper and odds & ends that they found here & there.

here's masyn's beach

and here's nolan
proud as can be!

i truly believe that if you allow children to be on their own
and create their own games, etc. their mind and imagination will grow.

spending time with our children is wonderful.
spending all our time & theirs doing for them and entertaining them
doesn't spark their mind because they rely on ours.

give them the material and see what they can do.
they will surprise you!

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Ginny Worden said...

What joy! Thanks for sharing.

Our Little Rock Stars said...

So True! Georgia has created worlds all over the house and the yard! Love that imagination!!!

quiltsbycheri said...

such a wise mom!