Friday, October 19, 2012

The {MYSTERY} is Revealed!!!

do you love it???
i hope you do!

Here's the layout.

(click on the picture, save it and print it out)

yes. you lay it out on the diagonal. but it's easier than it looks.
start with the center strip (minus the corner triangles)

then, using the diagram above, piece each strip one at a time AND one side at a time.
then lay it out, like this...

do both sides, THEN add the corner triangles.
(photo courtesy of my good friend colleen)

then using the left over strips (you may need to cut more dark 1 3/4" strips)
and add the borders.
the outer border is the 5" strips that you cut in the very beginning...
(photo courtesy of my good friend mardy and her quilting buddy)

i had fun doing this, i hope you did too!
i'd love to hear from you and see your version of the MYSTERY Quilt!!!
lots of love,
Happy Halloween!!!

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quiltsbycheri said...

that was a how it turned out....cheri

Jan said...

Love it - I never would have guessed this to be the pattern!