Friday, October 05, 2012

September's Monday's Best Class

we made this quilt by cheri.
it was originally published for cheri by indigo junction and is currently unavailable.

i made these delicious and SIMPLE caramel apple cupcakes

that i originally found here but i simplified it a bit.

you'll need one betty crocker spice cake mix (not duncan hines)
frost them with pre-made caramel dip found in the produce section
and dip them in chopped pecans.
i scrubbed and washed sticks to make them look a bit more like a caramel apple but you could use craft sticks or popsicle sticks.

for the treat bags
 i bought a book from the dollar store
(the bigger the better and make sure you double check the content)
tear out 2 pages per bag, stitch them along 3 sides, scallop the top
and fill them with halloween garland and candy.
add a halloween tag and you are good to go.
i found the cat download at graphics fairy

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WoolenSails said...

What a fun quilt to make and love your holiday favors.


Annelies said...

Wow...that post was well worth the wait (G)!! With the weather getting a tad cooler, I can finally think FALL!!! XXXX