Thursday, October 18, 2012

Block {FOUR} of the Mystery!

this is the FINAL block!
are you soooo excited?!

ok. so here's the scoop.
i have no clue how to attach a pdf or any such thing to this, so...
you'll have to make your own template.
i have complete confidence in you ;)

click on the picture below and save the image to your computer.
i have given you the measurements, so it shouldn't be too hard.
i would recommend making the template from freezer paper. it will help keep it in place.

ok. so now that you have your template, let's get started...

Using {6} dark and {4} light 1 3/4" strips, make {TWO} more DLDLD sections
like the picture below.

Now, trim the ends of each strip (as little as possible) and fold them in half.
position your freezer paper template on the strip like i've shown below.
(yes, it fits just barely and one of the points is cut off)
(in the picture, i used a left over piece of one of the strips, yours will be much longer)

cut, flip the template and continue cutting
cut until you have {8} left and {8} right triangles.

this will happen automatically, so don't worry!

i will see you back here tomorrow for the lay-out
and the GRAND REVEAL!!!

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