Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Morn...

began at o' dark hundred as far as i was concerned
but it was good to get an early start with church starting at 9:30.

i wasn't myself this year and the easter bunny was a bit frustrated with my lack of preparation
but the baskets were filled and the eggs were hid.
(although the {big} kids weren't very happy that there wasn't money in more of the eggs.)

with the easter egg hunt done and candy filled cheeks we headed off to church.

these are a few of my favorite pictures from the morning...

and some of one of my most favorite kids!
he and his many faces...

after church we headed next door to my inlaws and had a lovely lunch.
we had a wonderful Easter weekend.
it was fantastic to have chelsie home but it was way to short of a trip.

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Marie said...

I have enjoyed all of your Easter photos Julie! What a beautiful family you have. Family times are the best of times. Teenagers are just grumps anyways. You are building beautiful memories and traditions for them that they will want to carry on with their own families in years to come. xxoo

mom/grandma said...

Nolan is just the cutest! Love a the pictures.