Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy New Year

we spent new years & shawn's birthday in the desert.
it's also our dear friend, karen's birthday weekend and we were happy to camp with them for the 3rd year.

this weekend we were also joined by some co-workers of shawn's and derrick.
we had a good time.
gavin's bike broke on friday night and the boy was grumpy all weekend.

it would've put me in a foul mood if it weren't for the fact that i got some super cute photos of the baby helping her dad try to fix the bike. oh my gosh...she's the best!

even with mr. mc grumpy, we all managed to ignore him and enjoy the wonderful weather and good company!

hope your new years weekend was just as good! i dare make any resolutions!?
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mom said...

Great pictures, loved Rosie fixing the bike.