Monday, January 16, 2012


that's what she hollered out.
wrong mode of transportation, but who cares, she was bound for hawaii and the plane was ready for take off. passengers boarded, luggage was stowed away in a picnic basket located at the rear of the plane and they even took their "surfboard" with them...
people often ask me what my kids do while i quilt. here's a perfect example.
i'm a FIRM believer in not entertaining my children 24/7.
it forces them to be creative thinkers. this goes for video games and the like. my kids have always loved being outside, building things, creating, and generally making a mess, but they play independently and well.
of course, we provide the ground for creativity, i mean who else has buggy seats lying around hahaha. they are bubs and he has no idea what they are being used for!!! lol

the plane is ready to take off and there is one {very} unruly passenger!

she has no intention of removing herself from the cockpit!

as you can see the pilot has told her to move and she {hands on hip} is NOT budging!
so the moral of this post is let your kids be kids!
let them make messes, let them create & build and they will grow into independent, thoughtful people and you will have some time to do something you love!

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Annelies said...

Yep...that is my recipe for mothering too. Seemed to work out well for my brood and it looks like yours is having a blast too.

quiltsbycheri said...

good recipe... i like being in the mix now when it's my grandkids and playday, not off to side sewing, but i totally agree with you and did many, many years with my four...

kouklaville said...

Another post just for remind me that they HAVE TO learn to play by themselves..they did well today as I made steps

mom said...

so very've done and continue to do a wonderful job of letting them just be kids. I love the pictures of Evyn not wanting to budge!