Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cookie Parties!!!

for the last several years {with the exception of last year} masyn has had a christmas cookie party. it's always the same party with new and old friends.
i keep it pretty simple and short {only 1 1/2 hours}
i read a story {christmas magic} then the girls decorate cookies that go along with the story.
this year the girls were {WiLD}
they decorated cookies, RAN around the EnTIrE house and played on the swings outside.
the end result is always happy girls and one TIRED mommy

and this year nolan decided that because masyn was having a party, he needed one too!
oh brother!
he invited 3 {girls} from preschool and siblings/cousins. cracked me up!
i did the same party but i read {the Night before Christmas} with cookies to go along with it.

with two parties back to back i learned a few things...
{one} i'd rather have {8} 3-5 year olds than {3-5} 8 year olds!
{two}it's a good thing that nolan's party was after masyn's
or else we wouldn't have had any sprinkles left!
{three}don't decide to make a really fun gift for each kid/family 2 days before the party!
and {last, but CerTainLy not LEasT...}do NoT host a party the week of Christmas!

so for the record!
i survived by a thread and i am GraTefUl to my husband for helping me with all the darn cookies and for making the cookie cutter and the icer 3000 ;)
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