Friday, January 14, 2011

{ten} months old!


at {ten} months...
you "can" walk, but you won't
you LOVE your bub!
you are fiesty!
you love going up, up, up the stairs
you still suck your thumb
you lean your head on our shoulder when someone you don't know approaches you
(like in the picture above)
your dad is your favorite
you say hi, dada, and sometimes momma
balls are your favorite toy
your a great sleeper (thank you!) we could set our clocks by you
your curious and friendly and very smiley!
EVERYTHING goes in your mouth. everything!
whenever you cry, nolan sings twinkle twinkle little star hoping it will make you stop
you HATE the bath and i do mean HATE!
you don't like anything in your hair, which is a bummer because santa brought all kinds of cute ribbons and bows.
you are so very, very LOVED!

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Annelies said...

So Cute....and our Clare ( also 10 months old ) sounds like she in on the same track. Can walk, but mostly won't, hates things on her head, smiles and sings endlessly, but LOVES her bath!!! Such joyful milestones and now Donovan is just days from being born. I am one HAPPY Oma!!!!