Friday, January 14, 2011

New Years Weekend

you look gangster in this photo!!!

for those of you who don't know shawn, it is VERY rare to see him dressed like this.
usually he is in shorts, especially considering this is during THE DAY!!!
i say this because of all the years i've been going to the desert (38ish to be exact) i do not EVER remember the desert being SO COLD!!!
it was not fun. i stayed in for the most part and took photos (very few) from the warmth of my trailer.

the kids didn't let it bother them, of course. they had a good time riding their bikes, riding in the golf carts, and playing in the dirt. that's what i love about kids, they don't let anything get in the way of fun.

and speaking of fun...
the older boys decided to have some fun of their own. (mom don't look!)

yes. they were jumping their 50's over fire.
now don't get excited, by the time gavin got to the jump the flame was considerably smaller, although i was screaming at him as i took this picture!!! BOYS. i figure if shawn and craig don't care, i need to relax. *ugh*

but these boys are stinkin' cute and much easier to photograph!

and just to show you how cold it was. this photo was taken at 11:30am
everyone was bundled up, sitting next to the fire. *yuck*

and we can't forget, it was karen's birthday too!
you are a blessing in my life!

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