Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowman in a Jar

i'm getting my creative mojo back FINALLY!!!

for my quilt class today, i made them "snowman in a jar"
i used "snow" (mica flakes), the ends of skewers painted orange, buttons for his buttons, beads for his eyes, i cut a hat out of black felt, masyn and i picked small (tiny) twigs for his arms, and i added some fake holly for some color.

i stained some tags with instant coffee and a small amount of water. dipped 'um in, string and all, and set them in the sun. i made pam's almond joy cookies and they were DELICIOUS!!! head on over to pam's blog, she has great recipes!

and don't you LOVE the red twine! i got it at anna's shop. yep thimbleanna has a shop.

she posted the great idea of putting it in the sugar jars that you can get at dollar tree! so stinkin' cute!!!
have a happy day!

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yellowfarmhouse said...

Cute idea. I bought some of that twine from Anna - need to get some of those sugar jars for it - somehow I missed that idea.


Carolyn said...

Thank you for enabling me! I went right over and bought some red and black twine! I've been wanting some for awhile, kept forgetting to order some, and now it's done! WOOHOO! I LOVE the sugar jar idea. I'll have to hit dollar tree for one. Love your blog!

LibbiesHome said...

I love those snowmen in the jars! Too cute, and such a nice little treat to bring to quilt class. :)
And there's probably going to be a run on sugar jars at the dollar tree now! :)

Darlene said...

You make the cutest things for the people in your classes. I'm going to drive to CA just to take a class from you. :-)

Very sweet!

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for the shout out Julie! I LOVE your cute little sugar jar -- so different from the standard ones I have -- I'll have to go look for those.

Your snowman in a jar is just adorable -- you're SO clever! I love those cute little tags too -- where do you get them?

mom said...

Dear Julie,
I go to your blog every day at least twice a day and it's so sad when you haven't posted something new! I'm not the only one that misses your posts and looks forward to seeing your next inspiration or a loving picture of my beautiful grandchildren. Margi feels the same!
I know how happy you are to be in your new home, but we miss you!
with love mom