Sunday, November 21, 2010

W.I.L.ling 2010-2011

once school started up again, i decided that i could get a lot done while sitting in my car, waiting in lines for kids. i've titled them {W.I.L.} which stands for working in lines.
i'm gettin' ALOT done working in lines!!!

my first task was to square up ALL {480} of the 1/2 sq. triangles that made up masyn's basket quilt. (did i show you that?, hmmm) that took FOREVER!

after those were done, i finished this project. (looking at it, i notice that my snowman doesn't have his eyes...poor guy, i've gotta fix him!)

as well as many others. i will show you the rest as soon as i take the pictures ;)

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Marie said...

Can't wait to see your snowman project. It looks sweet even without the eyes!! xxoo

Jeanette said...

Your little snowman quilt is really cute!

Jeanne said...

Love the little snowman project and the little HST.

Mackenzie said...

love the name :)

Gari said...

Even sitting still, I'm not sure I would trust myself to use a rotery cutter on my lap: very brave girl.