Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

dear mom,
we've been through so much in our lives that have brought us to where we are now. i love where we are now. your a great mom, friend, and grandmother. thank you for loving me and encouraging me. thanks for sharing my love for quilting, it has been such a wonderful journey for us to share.

i want to share some things that i LOVE!

i love that i know if i need to vent or i need your help, your there.
i love that when you come through the door, my kids run to you.
i love your faith
i love your honesty (even if i don't always love what you say)
i love that you love quilting and all the same things i do (except palm trees!)
i love that you don't say anything when my house is a complete disaster
i love that your willing to drive to utah and back with me :)
i love that you love me no matter what, even if i'm a pill (which btw, i RARELY am)
i love that your clumsy and give us a reason to laugh
i love that you don't get upset when we laugh...because you know we only tease you cause we love you!
i love that we are friends and have a good time together
i love that i still learn from you

i LOVE you.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Marie said...

Happy Mother's Day Julie! How much you and your mother look alike! What a lovely tribute this is to your mom! xxoo

Mom said...

Julie Anne,
Here I was doing my daily reading of your blog and thinking about your tribute to Anthea and how special that was. Then low and behold you took my breath away and made me cry. You are so sweet. I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter with such a gift to write from her heart and touch mine. Yes we have gone through a lot but it has made us stronger and I have learned that I needed to make some big changes in my life if I wanted to have those relationships, and for that along with my Higher Power I'm truly blessed.
Thank you from my heart.
I love you so much.

Katherine said...

What a wonderful tribute to you mom. You do have a great mom.