Sunday, May 09, 2010

Good for you, Anthea

my neighbor, anthea, hosted a mother's day brunch for her family and asked me to come over and take some photos for her.
her mom is struggling with demetia and her grandmother is 89, so to gather everyone together for a photo
proved to be quite a challenge {not to mention, it started sprinkling outside}

the light sprinkles made it hard to bring her mom out, but she was determined to get some photos outside. many would've passed on the opportunity of today, in hopes for a better opportunity tomorrow, but she didn't. she insisted.

we didn't get the photos we were hoping for,
but i think we got some great photos that showed the emotion and love that she has for these women.
it caused me to reflect on my own family and how i take tomorrow for granted.

good for you, anthea for not taking a single opportunity for granted even when it's not convient.
and thank you for the chance to take the photos and learn a valuable lesson!

happy mother's day!

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Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

This is so sweet and inspiring. I love the pictures. I'm sure Anthea does too. So glad you posted this.

kouklaville said...

Wow, I am honored. YOU got it, you understood what I wanted, and why I wanted it..rain or not, I wanted to document THIS day in time..THIS day with THIS Mother that I have, not the Mother of 10 years ago. I wanted to capture this special day when MY Mom was with HER Mom and I could be blessed enough to spend this day with BOTH of them.
I cant thank you enough!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That looks like so much fun. It is great to get generations of women together.