Monday, May 24, 2010


i truly believe it's all in the presentation! the simplest gift is beautiful and well recieved when presented in such a way that says, "i care..."

i found the BEST blog/shop ever. i am in GARNISH heaven!!! just take a peek at some of the ideas they share on their blog...
this one is from better homes and garden, they used the berry basket and created a cute breakfast. i wish i would have seen this earlier, it would have been a cute teacher appreciation gift. {we had to bring a breakfast something...}

this one comes from another great site i just found...

amber from givers log, came up with this idea using this container.
love it!!!

and i love the idea of tying a bow around the water bottles! perfect!


Marie said...

There are so many creative ways to present things aren't there! I love these ideas! xxoo

mom said...

Oh what fun ideas for your block of the month class. So glad Margi and I are going to be part of the fantastic treats!

Garnish said...

Swinging on by to say thanks for the Garnish shout out. Your Garnishes are being packed up as we "speak"!

Garnish + Enjoy,

- Suzanne

Miller Racing Family said...

Love the sites. Thanks for sharing as I am always looking for cute ideas for Donnie's teachers. Have a great day.