Sunday, July 13, 2008

A "Surprise" Party!?

have you ever tried to plan a surprise party? this was our first. my sister and i (with the help of our step mom) decided to have a surprise party for our dad's 65th birthday. we learned a few things...

1st... it's not that easy to keep it a surprise. prepared to upset the guest of honor and

3rd...outdoor, summer evening parties are fabulous!!!

my cute niece made a movie that we showed as it started to get dark. (thanks doug!) we made popcorn bags clipped shut with old photos of dad, they were a big hit. bob the builder had a great after thought, put magnets on the back so the guests can take them home and put them on the fridge.

the best part of any evening event is the candles. we filled these mason jars with coffee beans and they smelled great! the other great thing about evening parties is all the time you have during the day to prepare and actually sit and relax before the guests arrive. i think that's the only time i've been able to do that!

the party turned out great. my sister's yard is the perfect place for an outdoor garden party. it's beautiful. i enjoyed meeting dad's friends and seeing family that we haven't seen in awhile. good friends, good food, and a good movie. what a great party!

happy birthday dad!

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Anonymous said...

Julie. loved reading about Masyn's party and thanks for adding my wonderful party. Love Love '''''dad&janice