Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Higa Family Reunion

yesterday we made a quick trip to yucky las vegas for bob the builder's family reunion. the reunion itself was nice. i got some good photos that i wanted to share but realized that all the kids had their name badges on so i couldn't use them. oh well, i posted a few and please take note to the last photo of my cute baby with his uncle. i was taking pictures when i heard brad laughing. to my horror i look over to find my son holding a knife! HELLO BRAD! don't worry i took the knife from him (after i took the picture, of course) and the baby was not harmed. not sure i'll leave brad with the baby again. :) the girls enjoyed taking myspace pictures of themselves. the little princess wanted a picture with sissy and the large budda statue in the hotel lobby. i made her dress and made a matching one for baby tyler. they were so cute but again, those darn badges. as a side note, i was put in charge of games and wanted to share the ideas in case you are ever in need of a couple games for a big group. i have to say thanks to danae and kristie for giving me the ideas and help putting it all together. the first game was a personal scavenger hunt bingo. it was a huge hit and really got everyone out of their seat and talking to eachother. i highly recommend it! the other was a version of a baby shower game we play. we play a memory game like concentration where each pair has a candy that goes with it. (ex. forgetful = whatchamacallit or family = good and plenty) if you want more info. on either of the games, let me know. anyways, that was the reunion. the remainder of our quick trip included circus circus, blown fuses, a kinked neck and a lingering headache. glad to be home!
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