Monday, July 07, 2008

It's Not That Easy Is It!

so...if you don't know bob the builder, you may think by looking at these pictures that he is a quilter. he's not! he is however quick to take on a challenge. tonight as i was laying out my little quilt he came in to see what i was doing. he didn't understand all the fuss and time. it's not that easy i told him. (if you quilt, you know what i mean.) he thought i was making too much of it and he thought he could do it better. well one thing led to another, and i got up and he took over. he seperated the colors and began to lay them out. 5 rows by 6 rows, 30 squares with 2 left over. i wish i would have noticed the time because it took him far longer than either of us anticipated. it was driving me crazy. "no you can't put darks together, no that is to many red and blues together, no you can't have the same print next to eachother", he was getting irritated. he did realize that it wasn't as easy as he thought! it was funny. the kids came home to find there dad laying out a quilt. i think bub was embarrassed. you have to realize though, it wasn't about the fabric or laying out a quilt. it's about doing something faster and better. i don't take it personal. he realized that it's not that easy! (i'll let you know how it turns out!) happy quilting!
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