Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Fabulous Find!

this picture doesn't really show how awful the counter tops were.
the orange 70's counter top was acceptable when the cabinets
were natural, but now that i've painted them, 
it looks AWFUL!!!!

so i went in search of a way to paint a laminate counter top
an ORANGE laminate counter top!!!

i found this product!
it's fabulous!!!

it comes in many different colors, the paint people at your local lowes
will tint it for you.
i chose ivory.

so i used bead board wallpaper on the inset of the cabinet
SUPER easy!!!
it's paintable. the cabinet on the right has a coat of paint on it
so you can see.

it looks 100 x better!

i will share the completed project when it's done.
i'm off to paint the downstairs counter top now!


ferne said...

That looks great! I have thought about painting my laminate kitchen counter and this looks like a good product to try.

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

You have improved that cabinet so much by painting it. I repurposed my old laundry room cabinets as storage in my sewing room and I really want to paint them, but my hubby does not agree. They have remained oak for a year and half. Thanks for sharing!