Wednesday, January 29, 2014

it's NOT a HAPPY tail!

and why in the world they call it a HAPPY tail is BEYOND me!!!

jethro has been naughty!!!

very naughty...

last month he clipped the tip of his tail. 
we bandaged it. he chewed it.
more bloodshed!
more bandages, more chewing, more BLOOD...

and soon, 
his stupid tail was completely bandaged with the hopes of healing.

meet a doped up dog!
yep. he ended up at the doctors today.
and tomorrow he goes in for surgery.

i'm so sad to say that the tail has to be docked.
not an easy task for an older dog. but it's now necessary.

poor guy. 

i'll keep you posted...


Robyn said...

OMGosh poor baby, poor you! Here's to quick healing!

Karen said...

Oh my. I wonder if he had something wrong with the skin that he kept nibbling at his tail. I hope the recovery is fast.

Gavin Isa said...

You should check your receipts and see how much you've spent in gauze and medical tape!
Mikaela K

Aline Memmott said...

Oooh Jethro!! Funny, silly dog! Ps, love the 1st picture

Sherry said...

I hope things went well with Jethro's surgery.