Saturday, January 18, 2014

BIG news!!!

guess what.
these two got engaged!!!

the wedding is this october.

i keep getting asked if i'm ok with it.
"they are so young" many say

i would like to share something with you all.

when i was 17 i got pregnant.
obviously i was young. i knew it just as well as everyone else did.
i made the decision to keep the baby and what i wanted most of all was for people to be happy for me. 
i knew i was young and i knew everyone's concerns, but it didn't change the fact that i was having a child.

so with that said,
i know that they are young. but i want them to love the experience of planning a wedding,
getting married and starting a new and important chapter of their lives.
and so i will love and support them. i am truly happy for them and i know that they will have a wonderful life
with all its ups & downs and i will always be here to support them both.

and with that,
i look forward to the next few months and all that i will get to share with you.



Robyn said...

Congrats! My DD got married at 21 and will be celebrating 7 years this spring. They know what commitment is and it's working! Best wishes for them

Taryn said...

Congratulations! There is something to be said for marrying young and with a loving and supportive family they have a good model for their married life. Enjoy the wedding preparations and the new addition to your family.

Gayle said...

Very exciting news indeed! I married at 25 and had my first child at 28. I really wish I'd started sooner so I wouldn't be feeling so old now that the grandchildren are coming - I'd have more energy for them! Congrats

ferne said...

Congrats on your growing family and what a fun family to be welcomed into.

quiltsbycheri said...

Ahhhh... Young Love, Old Love,Love Love..... Congratulations!!!

Unknown said...

WOW girl, I can just imagine what a fun and crafty shower you are gonna do!! So much fun! Congrats!


paulette said...

Congratulations...this is very exciting news!! Have fun planning and preparations are such fun! They are going to make a gorgeous bride and groom!!