Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day!!!

hi. a tad late on the valentines post, but what's a girl to do...
has everyone else been plagued with the flu?
it has taken a hold of our home for the past month and holy moly...

anyways...onto my cute valentine kiddos.

and the {funny face} pic

so valentines day went something like this...
wednesday i woke up with the horrible flu! i hadn't been that sick in...i can't even remember.
masyn was upset. she was worried that i would be sick for valentines day.
needless to say, the valentine gifts that she wanted didn't get made and mikaela took her out after school and got some last minute valentines stuff.
between mom, mikaela, and gavin {LOVE} them, all the valentines got made.
the next morning i woke up feeling so much better.
masyn had a wardrobe problem and forgot the last minute, thrown together gifts for her three friends and she asked me before exiting the car if she could have a redo. {poor thing}
took nolan to school and spent the morning making valentines gifts for masyn's friends, buying dinner and dessert.

 evyn and i showed up at masyn's school with balloons for each of the girls and the little valentines gift.  who knew balloons would make {EVERYTHING} better!
note to self...they DO!

the day went well and we celebrated with heart shaped meatoaf, pink mashed potatoes
and lots and lots of candy and {LOVE}

i hope you all had a {WONDERFUL} valentine's day!

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