Tuesday, February 26, 2013

She's {THREE}

our sweet rose is THREE!!!
i asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday
she wanted to go the park with her friends...

can do!

she had a GREAT time with all her friends,
i am so thankful for friends!


she asked for a chocolate cake and ice cream.

at {THREE} she...
LOVES animals, dogs & horses are her favorites
likes pink & purple
dances & sings in front of the tv and oven
only wears shoes that are too big and would rather not wear any
HATES to have her hair done (unless daddy does it)
plays with dolls & princesses
still only wears size 2 clothes still
loves french toast & eggs with hot dogs
LOVES mints
LOVES, LOVEs, lOveS lipstick
carries a purse everywhere
LOVES her friends & nursery
is finding her sense of humor
is daddy's girl
wants a pink motorcycle
speaks very well
can't wait to go to No No's preschool
LOVES chocolate ALOT!
is best friends with her dogs
can do a somersault
likes to push Nolan's buttons

Happy Birthday my sweet ROSE!!!

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