Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

this year i could've handed out harmonicas and called it good.
i saw a pin on pinterest that i ran with.
something to wear
something to read
something they want
something they need!
LOVED it...

a couple of "remember it" moments...
we gave gavin a book that was a book that was titled something like what every man should know. anyway we opened it and it had things like how to back up a trailer, how to survive this and that...blah blah
what we didn't notice was the ENTIRE chapter dedicated to beer and partying!
yikes! i even wrote in the front of it. no denying that we gave it to him! hahaha.

also, a cute moment...
the bottom right picture.
gavin sitting with evyn by the fire drying her freshly painted nails :)

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