Friday, December 14, 2012

A Visit from {SANTA}

it all happened so fast!

one minute the door opened and there was a

then masyn played him a song on the piano
and they each took turns sitting on his lap.
{except rose, who clung tightly to my arm}

and then off he went, as quickly as he came.
wishing us a merry christmas and in a hurry to get back to the north pole...

and speaking of the north pole...
i thought i'd share these really cute and really yummy cupcakes!

i used betty crockers cherry chip mix and her fluffy white frosting.
sprinkled with clear sprinkles.
stick a peppermint stick in the center, pipe frosting on top
and use a red gobstopper to top it off.

you can go here, to download the tags,
they are really easy and well received!

{EleVeN} days to go!!!

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1 comment:

Darlene D said...

So cute! How I miss having little kids around the house!