Sunday, July 08, 2012

Visiting Sissy!

we spent the last week with sissy in utah.
we had soooo much fun and there was so much to do.

first thing on the list.
gardner village!
LOVE it!

pine needles quilt shop.

the bingham canyon mine
where the trucks are ENORMOUS!!!

the zoo!
where we saw everything from the common...

to the not so common...
the tiger roared super loud and the lemurs screamed even louder!
the apes and the chimps were entertaining to say the least!

the fourth of july parade was awesome!

i LOVED that every business gets involved!

and the floats are awesome!

the city creek mall
is huge and i will admit, i'm not a fan of malls so the water play
made the day.

and of course the salt lake temple
is beautiful!

we had so much fun with sissy and
we LOVE her a ton!
Thanks for having us sissy!!!
masyn, nolan, evyn and mom!

p.s. please tell your neighbors sorry, i bet they are glad we are gone ;)

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