Wednesday, July 25, 2012


monday, macy left for hawaii with nana, pa & hannah.
{when the grandkids get to a certain age, nana & pa take a couple at a time}

she was SOOOO excited.
everything has been about hawaii lately as you can tell.
and she couldn't wait to get all dressed up for the occasion!

last year a wonderful lady made matching dresses for the girls for macy's 8th birthday.
we will be SO sad when they don't fit. they are just too perfect! 

everyone was smiles and giggles...

until the drop off!
and then the melt down began

but not to worry, by the time we got home the tears had stopped.
poor kid!

aloha, macy!!!
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LynCC said...

Awww He gets his turn later, right? Still - it's hard to watch the older ones get their turns ahead of you. You got some awesome shots of your kids! Good memories there. :)