Saturday, July 23, 2011

Masyn's {county fair} Birthday!

well, a week later and i'm FINALLY getting the birthday pictures up!
it's been a crazy, crazy month but it's been fun.

as i mentioned, we were inspired by one charming party's county fair party.
super cute, super fun.

for food, we served pulled pork & bbq beef sandwiches, corn on the cob {gavin shucked 40 ears!}, corn bread, beans and nana's famous potato salad {it is always a big hit!}. everyone loved the food and it was a great way to serve 72 people!

family and friends enjoyed each other's cmpany

and the kids enjoyed a pie eating contest, a cake walk and lots and lots of swimming!

and of course, my favorite part, the decorating...

it was a great, great day!
masyn had very specific ideas for her birthday and i think we managed to make all her {dreams} come true! i said a couple times, i think she thinks she's getting married!!! it was a big deal for her and everyone had a good time.

a couple of things that made me laugh...
brooklyn came in and said, "how long did it take to plan this party?!"
masyn asked, "can daddy walk me down the stairs so everyone can clap?" {wedding?!}

a couple of things that made me smile!...
when asked what the best part of her birthday was, masyn simply stated, "being baptized."
when asked what her favorite gift was, she said, "sissy's scrapbook" {chelsie made her a scrapbook of the two of them}

i love you punkin!!!
happy birthday!

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Marie said...

What a fabulous party! Had to giggle at the walk down the stairs with daddy bit! lol

mom said...

So glad you shared all the photos, I was so busy I didn't get to see all the wonderful decorations. As I have said before you ,need to start a business.
It was perfect, just sad we had to leave early.
Just love my sweet Maysn!