Friday, July 22, 2011

A Beautiful Baptism

since we were sealed in the temple 6 years ago, masyn has been waiting to be baptized.
she couldn't wait to be eight.
she has a perfect understanding of the commitment of baptism and of it's importance.
there were many times when she was being {naughty} that she didn't think she was ready to be eight and she tried very hard to be like Jesus. she always has. masyn has a sweet spirit and a very loving heart and more than anyone i know, she truly has a christlike desire towards life. she is a great example to all of us.

the primary song, "i'm trying to be like Jesus" is her song and we sang it at her baptism.

sis. kennington gave the talk on baptism
(she is one of masyn's favorite primary teachers and brooklyn's grandma and an all around neat lady)

the kids love to watch the "dunking" part

to beautiful daughters of Heavenly Father

and one VERY happy girl!

after the baptism,
sissy gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and daddy confirmed her and gave her the most important gift of all.
The Gift of the Holy Ghost.

the young women made each of them a blanket to "comfort them".
blakeley houk made brooklyn's and rachel behymer made masyn's.
super cute!

and as these girls walk together in Christ,

i pray that they will keep themselves close to the Lord, remember who they are
and always stay on the straight and narrow path, enduring to the end.

{i love you punkin,
you are a blessing to everyone around you and
i know that you will make this world a better, mommy}

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Marie said...

Just beautiful Julie. Just beautiful. xxoo

Rachel said...

what a wonderful memory! (good job remembering the towel...I forgot one when I was baptized!)

Richardson said...

I have been struggling so hard with religion lately, I ran across your blog by accident. I kept reading and found this post about your DD's baptism and I sat here crying and remembering the why's and what's that this is all about. Thank you for being there to remind me.