Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nature, Schmature...

if you look really, really close you will see the innocent eye of a lonely baby bird.
he is hiding for fear he will meet an untimely death, as did his sweet sister yesterday...

meet remington.
bird killer.
baby bird KILLER!

(the face of a killer...)
(the paw of a killer...)

i know what your thinking. it's natural for a bird dog to kill birds.
i understand this.
but just cuz it's natural, doesn't mean i like it.
in fact, i was NOT happy with said bird dog.

so for now, until my sweet babies take flight
he is banned to the backyard.

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quiltsbycheri said...

I'm on your side....protect the small babies against that sweet faced dog, hard to believe he would hurt a flea!
I have one of those too who loves to chase the chickens for fun & frolic, but they have chicken heart attacks....

WoolenSails said...

It is hard when the birds nest in the area of our pets.
I keep mine in, but my son's cat tries to get out every chance she can get.


Jordan and Kerrisa said...

hahaha this is such a funny post! but good for you! Love!

Kris said...

Oh, Julie - This post is just too cute!! And your baby birdie killer has such a sweet face, but I am happy to hear he is banned to the yard 'til the remaining baby grow up!! Is the Mom ever around?? Maybe she is afraid too!! Kris

cw said...

You must be mistaken. That face and paw scream innocent! (I feel for you-I have a squirrel annihilator in the making. A 25lb terrier rescue with a HUGE prey drive. No animals have been hurt yet, and hopefully never). Good on you for keeping the other baby safe!

Needled Mom said...

I agree with you. He can be banned just until it takes flight. The birds are quick in getting their babies to leave the nest. We battle the same thing with our cat. Grr.

chelsie said...

i am laughing so hard! i feel like this happens every spring! love you mom.

Heidi Niederhauser said...

Well Julie you should meet my dogs... along with birds they kill the neighbors rabbits. and the people who just moved in next door have a pet pig... they are lucky my big golden retreiver is more scared of it then it is of him or we would have a problem. miss you guys!