Friday, April 01, 2011

Easter Inspiration, one more try...(edited, yet again.)

(is anyone else having trouble uploading their photos to blogger?)

i get it...hahaha...april fools right???

we'll try this again and again *ugh*...

good ol' martha shared this

and these

and if you head on over to poppytalk you can see this

stinkin' cute idea!

now enjoy!


Annelies said...

Ha ha....finally made it. I think it MUST be an April 1st joke. Thanks for the sweet and suportive note on My blog. Donovan is doing great, which means ALL of us are doing great. That was a week that was NO joke!!!!

Marie said...

Am playing catch up here this morning Julie. I have missed so much. It looks like your little fella had a lovely birthday despite not being really well and I just adore all these lovely Easter craft ideas! I also wanted to apologize if you got some wonky e-mails from me yesterday. Someone hacked into my e-mail system and sent out a bunch of spam to everyone on my contact list! I have sorted it now but I am sorry if you got some of them! xxoo

Miller Racing Family said...

You are so right those are some great ideas! I love the decorations in the jars and the eggs at the end of the tablecloth. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with your family.