Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh' Christmas Tree...

as anyone who saw it would tell you,
our dear tree lacked in christmas spirit this year.

we started with the best of intentions.
a family home evening dedicated to trimming the tree, carols in the background,
high heeled shoes and a candy cane dress all in the name of christmas spirit...
i even (mostly because i lacked the energy to care) allowed the kids to decorate the tree all by themselves.
clusters of ornaments at eye level {their eye} and all in one spot, but they were so tickled with themselves
and the tree was happy...

that is until {naughty} nancy came along

and with the swoop of a kitten's paw

one by one the ornaments came crashing down...

and daily this is what i saw.
it was at that point i gave up, surrendered to the kitten and decided to focus on next year.

oh christmas tree...
next year, i promise you will be standing tall and proud and beaming with christmas spirit...
(we'll put nancy in the closet!)

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