Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

is a wrap!
with our unvited guest, influenza, in our home the week before christmas,
things were. well. um.
not exactly as i hoped.
i can't remember ever christmas shopping the day before christmas eve!
i am, however, very thankful that we were able to get rid of our "guest" before the festivities began.

speaking of the festivities...
christmas eve was, as usual, filled with tradition, great food and good company.
my sister and i tried something different with the 'older' kids. we had a christmas scavenger hunt with the kids gifts at the end.
we'll have to change it a bit, but i think the idea was good.
the thing i always LOVE the most is the little things that the kids always look forward to.
prime rib, 'twas the night before christmas' and reindeer food.

christmas day was spent at nana and pa's.
the hours spent there are full of the laughter of cousins, lots and lots of cousins.
the kids can never get enough of each other and it always surprises me
that the great grandparents make it through the day!

and having mom & poppy here to wrap up the day was wonderful.
suz cooked a turkey and mom made her famous cheesy potatoes and
we enjoyed more great food, laughter, family and karaoke.

hope your christmas was merry!

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Marie said...

Loved all the pictures Julie! It surely looks like you had a lovely Christmas and most imporant of all they show the love of family.

Aunt Suz said...

Teh holidays were wonderful thanks for making it so special for all of us. We look forward to another year filled with many wonderful new memories and we love you all very much.

Mom said...

We had a wonderful Christmas with our beautiful and loving family. Next year we will all be well and healthly. I'm so looking forward to many more wonderful times shared with my daughters and grandchildren.
Love Mom