Friday, October 03, 2014

Coloring away on a hot HOT day!!!

Did you get your stitchery ready? 
I know Vickie is!
 I decided to color today, since it doesn't require any physical exertion. 

It's fun. You should try it :) 
Here's a tip...
You will need to buy the jumbo pack of crayons crayons. Mine is the 120 pack. Make sure you write your name on it so the kids/grandkids don't think it's for them :)

Draw your pattern onto the background fabric. Before stitching, color. Start with the darkest color and outline. Then fill in with the lightest color. 
For example, with the pumpkins, I outlined the pumpkin and it's veins with the darkest orange, lightly colored in with the lighter orange then with yellow, I colored the entire pumpkin blending the whole thing together and giving color to the face.

Once the coloring is done, follow the instructions on your pattern to set the color and start stitching :)

Happy Fall Friday!


Karen said...

You got some intense color with the crayons.

quiltsbycheri said...