Monday, April 14, 2014


this is how i have felt the past few months. 
running at full speed trying to hold on to all that is truly important.

unfortunately, the blog had to be let go.

for those of you interested, here is a quick recap of life since february.

jethro had his tail amputated. it's about four inches long and he is doing wonderful.
chelsie moved home the end of march. she is having surgery on thursday to remove her endometriosis and her left ovary. in may she has more treatment then she will stay home during all her recovery. 
it's the first time that we've had all five kids living under the same roof. we are enjoying this time together.

chelsie rescued a sweet pitbull named molly. 
(that's a long post all in itself)
so we currently have FOUR dogs here.
Good thing the yard is large! yikes!

evyn turned four and had a fairy party in the park. i will post pictures.

jethro became a father to 13 beautiful great dane puppies.
NO we are NOT keeping one.

in march, i started homeschooling masyn.
(that's a post all on its own, too.)

in between all this, shawn and i are working diligently 
preparing the yard for gavin and mikaela's wedding. 

quilting and quilt classes are always ongoing
i have pictures to post of that too.

i hope to get things posted in order of it's happenings so keep yours eyes open.
you just never know.

life is good. God is great and i'm tired. :)

hope you all are wonderful,
thanks for checking in!



suz said...

God bless - you have your hands full!

Peter and Betty Ann said...

I just can't grasp the fact that Gavin is old enough to get married!