Friday, October 18, 2013

a NEW sewing DESK!!!

oh my gosh!
whoo HOO!

i've never had a sewing desk.
tables and what nots have always been fine for me

but not anymore baby!

this sewing desk from The Original Scrap Box

(the curtains are so much better too!)

each side has 4 large and 4 small bins
yep. can we say projects organized!

i have a long arm business,
so one side holds my threads and patterns and what nots
and the other side holds my current projects
both large and small.

and one of my favorite parts...
each door opens to hold lots of vinyl bags that have velcro on the back
you can put all the stuff that is taking up room in drawers and baskets
and put them in one place.

the right side holds pens, scissors, feet (the sewing machine kind) and bias tape makers
to name a bit.

the other side has been neglected.
i have sew much room i'm trying to fill it.
and i still have more pockets that aren't filled.

k. my all time favorite part.
the acrylic windows.
there are a total of four. two in the center and two that are over the drawers.

they hold all my things and the pretty shows!
pretty and PRACTICAL!

the rest of the sewing room is coming along nicely.
slowly i'm getting it together.
lots of quilting happening around here!

but i wanted you to see the sewing desk that really would be AWESOME for anything.

thank you CHelsie! thank you Scrap Box!!!

i LOVE my desk and i LOVE being organized!!!

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Gayle said...

wow - what a GREAT set-up Julie! LUcky you to have such a beautiful sewing desk!

WoolenSails said...

I love that desk and would love to have one, will put it on my wish list. I see they have lots of nice storage items so I bookmarked it and then I can check them out and get some ideas. I have a lot of stuff and would love to organize it so I can use it and still have plenty of working area.


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

That is one awesome sewing station! Lucky girl

Country Prims said...

Woohoo! I LOVE your new sewing station. Great storage space. I am loving your new curtains too. Enjoy!

quiltsbycheri said...

if I tried to be that organized i'd never get a thing sewn! Oh your room is just lovely and that desk is too die for!

kelley said...

Swoon...what a desk...those windows are the best!what a perfect room...

Darlene said...

Oh, Julie, it's beautiful. I know you're going to enjoy sewing like crazy.

Uncle Darlene

Wonky Girl said...

Ah, that is a great new desk, very useful. Love how you set it up with organized storage.
Um, I love lace curtains! I enjoy being able to look out my quilting room windows thru the lace ;-) and still have a bit of privacy. To each his own, eh?

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