Tuesday, March 19, 2013

He's {FIVE}!!!

this sweet, funny kid
is FIVE!!!

with disneyland on the horizon,
we kept his birthday simple.
he requested jake and the netherland pirate cupcakes
with red frosting, turkey tacos and Ean.
got it!

at FIVE he...
thinks he wants to be a singer. rap is his thing...
is a snuggle bug
has a girlfriend named bree
loves preschool and never gets in time out
loves riding his bike and scooter
loves jake and the neverland pirates, mike the knight and octonauts
likes to dance and claims to be really good at it
plays legos
is really good at sports
loves rocky road ice cream
is a dare devil
loves green and orange
can ride his dirt bike without training wheels
can't wait for kindergarten
he sleeps in his own bed {with jethro}
is really, really funny
is a great brother
plays great with his sisters
makes us all smile
is THE BEST!!!

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