Sunday, January 27, 2013

This explains it!!!

yes. i'm alive...
barely hangin' on...

you know when life gets a little nutty and then a little more nuttier and then,
well, you get the idea...

and this picture gives you an idea of just how nutty things have gotten.

and i'll give a little background on how things got like this.
Christmas came and went and
2013 arrived along with a whirlwind of sickness and exhaustion.
i pulled myself together and decided i'd better try to get something done.
i pulled out my 2 bins of brushed cotton scraps and evyn and i started to look for fabric for the folk art gatherings quilt.
she and i had a great time going through the scraps.

then nolan came home...
i was minding my own business, sewing and the next thing i knew nolan and evyn thought it would be great fun to dump out the other bins of fabric scraps.
apparently i was minding my own business too well.
masyn came home and all craziness broke loose!
it became a fabric snowball frenzy. fabric flying EVERYWHERE!

and i just played along!

the house went down hill from there!

and there you have it.
a crazy messy house, sick kids, sick husband, no husband and a sick me, exhaustion,
quilts, quilts, and more classes!!!

the blog has suffered
and so...
her i am, trying to catch up.

Glad you are here, thanks for reading and caring.

i really appreciate it!

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Nanna said...

that's a lot of scraps lol! & looks like everybody's having a lot of fun!

Ginny Worden said...

Take care Julie, this to shall pass. I hope the scrap fight helped you find some missing treasures.

Laural Lane said...

Its good to see that you aren't really super woman. If you need help Mary and I will come over and helptidy up, she has been dying to get in there.

Mickaƫla said...

It's funny!
Have a good day!