Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aloha & Mahola

macy, hannah, nana & pa went to hawaii in july.
she absolutely LOVED it and has decided that she will one day live in a blue cottage right on the beach in hawaii. grandma is going to live with her but macy warned..."there will be A LOT of sweeping, because we are going to live RIGHT on the beach, grandma". cute!

the first night they had dinner at keoni's
(my niece's name is keoni, so it's tradition that they always go there the first night in hawaii)
their room was on the 21st floor which made nana's stomach turn. it took me a while to post this mostly because all of masyn's pictures were exactly what you see her doing in the picture below. taking pictures of flowers and greenery and chickens! shawn and i laughed!

they were so fortunate to do soooo much!
so much that i can't possibly remember everything, so i tried to capture a picture of everything.

she was great. the girls got along and all was well.
thurs evening rolled around and we got the first "homesick" message.
by saturday she wanted to come home but with only two days left, she hung in there and was a real trooper.

hiking diamond head and jumping off the cliff into the water were her two biggest worries.
we were so proud of her for doing it!

snorkling was her least favorite thing. she tried but opted out.

surfing, on the other hand, was a favorite.
i think i have a beach babe on my hands...

we were so happy to have her home. we all missed each other terribly.
and it can't go without saying how grateful we are to nana & pa for giving her the opportunity to share such a great experience with them!

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